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Residencial Campestre, Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Price range

$5,250,000 – $6,410,000 MN


Unique place where to live in harmony with the environment,
in peace and in balance. The Wellness design concept, the only important thing is people, achieving a home in connection with an environment of peace and nature.


125- 227 m2


May 2024

2, 3 bedrooms lockoff optional


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Residencial Campestre


$5,250,000 – $6,410,000 MN


Contact with nature transmits us peace of mind, and provides us with a good dose of calm, and it can be the anti-stress oxygen that lowers the revolutions of the day, creating a bubble of peace that gives us mental health; with outdoor spaces for Exercise, Yoga and Meditation, as well as promoting healthy eating.

Wellness amenities for a healthy life at Noom

Principal pool
Social relaxation tipis
Massage tipis
Art walk
Yoga deck
Outdoor fitness area
Pet-friendly area
Picnic and vegetable garden

We care a lot about nature, we hate how people just remove everything to make themselves comfortable. Our duty should simply be to improve each place where we decide to build, we must simply live together and have respect for the land. That is the reason why we have decided to only occupy a maximum of 30% of the land, incorporating the existing trees, in addition to providing even more green surface than we found, ultimately managing to increase the total green area by 130%.

Natural ventilation
Integrated vegetation
Sun protection
Restoration of green area
Thermal isolation
Solar panels
Natural lighting
LED lighting
water collection
Water reuse
Water separation
Waste separation

- BIO model / 2 bedrooms / 125 m2 / from $5,250,000 mx
- LIVE model / 3 bedrooms / 125 m2 / from $5,340,000 mx / optional Lockoff from $5,670,000 mx

Penthouse / 3 bedrooms + rooftop / 227 m2 / $6,410,000 mx


Residencial Campestre, Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico

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