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El Cielo Residencial

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

A gated community just north of Playa del Carmen. It is integrated by a group of national and foreign residents, Great location for the proximity to the Caribbean Sea of ​​Playa del Carmen. 27 hectares with privileged location at Km. 95 of the Playa del Carmen Federal Highway, just 5 Km. from the city center. Knowm as The Diamond Zone

It is distinguished by its high-level tourism investment projects, with golf courses less than 1 km away and hotel chains such as Princess, Fairmont, Grand Velas and Ocean Riviera, among others.


El Cielo Residencial offers all underground services, impeccable and modern roads divided into 4 zones; commercial, condo-hotel, residential and condominium.


It has Surveillance Booths at both entrances with security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Closed Circuit surveillance system. In this residential you can find pre-sale or resale condominiums, houses or lots to build to your prefereces, needs and budget.


You can find 1 to 3 bedroom condos in this area with prices starting around $140,000 USD up to 380,000 USD

In houses prices vary according to size and age.

or if you want to build your home you can find single-family lots from 250 to 438 with prices per of 320 usd + - If you are interested int his area we can show you around and/or send you a comaprtive of prices of the area.


Click here to look our Listings n this neighborhood

3 bedroom townhouse / $3,190,000 pesos

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