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Ciudad Mayakoba

This is a very well planned and developed community within 400 hectares, in which you will find different residential, mixed and commercial areas. An important point is the fact that 32% of the original forest is maintained thanks to intelligent urban planning that connects green areas with corridors and trails.

We can find here several developments of single-family residential lots, each one delimited by its perimeter fence and equipped with different amenities, as well as extensive green areas. There are also mixed developments with different characteristics, educational institutions, a hospital, a shopping center, spaces for entertainment, commerce, sports spaces, pedestrian walkways, bike paths and much more.

It is one of the few residential centers planned with a lot of order and infrastructure components of the highest level.

Those who already live there can confirm and that is why many people from Playa are looking to live in this beautiful green area, either by renting the new apartments, buying a property or building their heritage.

Developments within the subdivision


La Ceiba Downtown Jardines Lagunas


Senderos de Mayakoba Senderos Norte Senderos Poniente Mayakoba Country Club

Lotes disponibles en senderos de Mayakoba
Lotes disponibles en senderos de Mayakoba

If you are interested in visiting the place, call us to give access.

We have an extensive list of land for sale and resale.

Send us an email to request an updated list of availability. You won't have to search everywhere. we have done the work of bringing together the land of our agency, the developer and local agencies in a single document.

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